We construct wholesome spaces to bolster health and healing.

When building medical facilities, we minimize our contact and avoid disrupting care while working alongside health professionals. Noisy construction is not ideal for rest and healing, so we work quickly, quietly, and mindfully.

We source high-quality equipment and carefully select materials and machinery from trusted suppliers, particularly when it comes to installing specialty equipment for medical-grade electrical requirements, radiation protection, and operative procedure rooms. All items we install in medical spaces are UL-listed. As builders, it is our job to know and obtain the required safety and regulation permits, licenses, and protocols for each project. Creating a reliable and secure environment is our top priority, so that no surprises surface once the project is completed.

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Everyone Deserves
Excellent Care

Project Close-Up: Archdale Family Medicine

Harker worked with Atrium Health to launch their sixth community care practice, which is specifically designed to provide high-quality primary care to those who need it the most. The practice is staffed with Board-certified healthcare providers and a team of empathetic medical professionals, including a nurse care manager and a social worker. Along with traditional medical services, the practice provides additional support to underserved residents such as financial assistance and interpretation services that make healthcare affordable and accessible.


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Key points

Infection Control

Infection control and risk mitigation factors are essential parts of project planning. To create a safe and unintrusive environment, we listen to your needs and learn your flow of operations in order to plan a conscientious build site.


We partner with suppliers and clients, like Atrium Health, who help us positively impact underserved communities. Building teams and relationships with diverse backgrounds, approaches, and experiences paves the way for success.

UL Compliance

All items used in medical spaces are UL-listed, and we budget accordingly to meet facility needs. Using only UL-listed items means no unlisted aftermarket items cause equipment failure or lead to inspector rejection, which can cause delays in providing critical care or opening a practice.


Healthcare facilities need to be adaptable to changing requirements, patient needs, and new equipment. Our approach prioritizes flexibility for responsive and efficient operations.

It Takes A Team

Project Close-Up: SouthPark Medical Plaza II 

Harker had the privilege of partnering with R.J. Leeper Construction, a minority-owned MWVBE business, to complete this project for Atrium Health in a 50/50 joint venture. The project involved renovating three floors of an active medical center, and required extensive demolition, repairs, and aesthetic enhancements. The upgraded medical practice wings included Executive Health, Prospective Health & Wellness, SHVI, Sexual Health, Allergy, OBGYN, Pharmacy, lobbies, and common areas. Through this partnership, we were able to achieve a far greater positive impact than we could have otherwise, and we are thrilled to have shared this experience with Leeper.

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