We craft innovative spaces for unforgettable experiences.

Hospitality projects demand experience in commercial construction, expert tradesmanship, and deft project management. We have a proven track record of crafting high-end spaces that reliably align with current industry regulations.

As skilled communicators, we liaise between multiple teams, contractors, and stakeholders. Our transparent and accountable approach ensures that all aspects of the project proceed with precision and proficiency. We analyze all backend systems such as ventilation, power, gas, and water to ensure correct installation, and procure top-quality equipment for kitchens and other amenities. With optimized systems and excellent construction, our hospitality clients deliver peerless service, stay competitive, and grow their operational sustainability.

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Sky High City

Project Close-Up: Charlotte City Club

We renovated the Charlotte City Club, a famous networking center originally founded in 1947, to bring modern amenities to its old-world glamour. The 32nd-floor in uptown’s West Trade Center serves as the primary gathering area for club members, and includes a cigar lounge, terrace, dining and bar area, and breathtaking city views. An extensive kitchen was installed to serve up gourmet cuisine. The floor below, reserved for private events, was fitted with a soundproof computer lounge and “huddle room” ideal for business meetings.

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Key points


The importance of vendor connections and networking in hospitality can result in a personalized experience that is strongly tied to local culture or a wider context of organization relationships.


Commercial kitchen equipment is critical in many hospitality builds. We know what it takes to properly source, connect, and test quality equipment for the superior full-service kitchens.


It takes excellent coordination with multiple teams, designers, architects, and contractors to bring a hospitality build to life. We keep open communication going with every component to ensure construction stays on schedule.


Not only do we build strong, we build stylish. We specialize in sourcing and installing luxury materials, high-end finishes, and seamless installations to craft stunning Class A upfits and environments.


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