Adaptive Reuse

We recontextualize and reinforce to give structures second lives.

Adaptive reuse is the art of breathing new life into pre-existing buildings, but when is it more cost-effective to start from scratch? Careful cost forecasting and choosing suitable materials are vital in planning these projects. When executed seamlessly, blending modern materials with traditional techniques restores purpose to old spaces.

Adaptive reuse projects can have a profound impact on the life of a community, and they have become a popular, economic, and eco-friendly way to revitalize aging districts in need of care and repair. With a clear vision, smart budgeting, and keen resourcefulness, any abandoned corner can be transformed into a vibrant communal hub with just one great build.

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Red Brick Retro

Project Close-Up: Krispy Kreme Global Headquarters

Harker has worked on several renovation projects with Krispy Kreme and has established an enduring partnership. They chose a gorgeous red brick warehouse with a rich history as the location for their global headquarters, with enough room to house their corporate offices and cutting-edge test kitchen. The space opens with a striking Welcome Center and leads straight to the kitchen, aka the Research & Development Laboratory, where daring recipes are discovered. The kitchen is complimented by the Tasting Room—a relaxed area where visitors can enjoy the latest doughnut experiments onsite, and staff can find a quiet space for focused work. To top it off, the space is outfitted with a fully-equipped media room and recording studio to support all kinds of creative work.


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Key points


Adaptive reuse is an excellent way to reduce environmental impact, pursue conscientious construction, extend the life cycle of existing constructions, and make a difference in our industry.


Reusing materials is beneficial for the environment, aesthetics, and cost savings. When challenges arise, like sourcing older materials or modifying new ones, we work with architects on a backup plan that still complements the building.


We make it a point to take advantage of tax incentives, government funds, or any other opportunities to help clients maximize renovation budgets and save costs throughout project planning.


Construction should always align with function, so we adapt our processes to support new purposes. We focus our goals on community well-being, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness.

A Safe Space

Project Close-Up: The Relatives’ On Ramp Resource Center

This exceptional non-profit organization provides assistance to families in need of shelter and safety. Their mission is to provide young adults with the tools and support they need to achieve independence. We are honored to be a part of creating safe spaces in Charlotte and proud to witness the transformative impact of the Resource Center. This multi-building campus is now a vibrant hub offering a comprehensive range of support for young adults in our community. Through the interior build-out, site work, and exterior work, the Resource Center is able to make a significant difference in the lives of those it serves.

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